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Harnessing the expertise of the UK’s leading dermatologists, haute couture designers, and world renowned product engineers, brothers Fergus and Ruari Bell have spent 9 months radically reinventing face masks to save our skin. The result, the world’s first luxury skin friendly face mask.

After the last of the annual family debates fizzled out over Christmas dinner, you’d be forgiven in thinking that mixing family and business would present a cocktail of personal and ideological clashes that many would not want to entertain..

Unlike many, Fergus and Ruari have long since thought otherwise, and whilst previous endeavours include sporting startups, surfing magazines, and award winning property developments, throughout the testing year of 2020, we found our inspiration for Flora after witnessing the physical and mental health tolls of poor skin caused by poor quality masks.

Whilst pioneering a premium approach to face masks and mask based skincare, Thomas and Francesca decided to join our journey as we worked with dermatologists to execute our concepts properly, and partnered with award winning fashion designers to do so stylishly.

We see Flora as a style focused destination built upon a strong medical backing.


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