The Flora Mask is packed with skin friendly features.

The embodiment of style and safety for your skin:

A luxurious, Mulberry silk face mask like no other; Cut from the finest rolls, our naturally hypoallergenic, hand-stitched organic Mulberry silk sits over Flora’s signature bio-foam structure, effortlessly raising the mask away from the notoriously sensitive mouth, nose and cheek areas.

The Flora mask ensures skin contact is reduced up to 50% compared to traditional masks, humidity is minimised and ventilation is improved. 



Hypoallergenic Mulberry Silk

The Mulberry Silk 


Unique Ergonomic Shape

Our cut has been designed to follow the natural contours of your skin to improve comfort and reduce mask-to-skin contact.


Raised Bio Foam Structure

Our custom foam structure creates a natural arc raising the mask away from the nose and mouth area vulnerable to breakouts.

  • Increasing ventilation
  • Reducing humidity
  • Reducing skin friction


Custom Earloop Adjustors

Because we appreciate that one size doesn't fit all, our Flora earloop adjustors improve comfort and fit for all shapes and sizes.




















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