Ours is a family story...

Flora's journey from concept to partnership between the UK's leading dermatologists and world class product engineers. 

The Problem

By December 2020. YouGov found that 82% of the G7 population were wearing face masks in public, and as global events dominated headlines, an unseen, yet truly personal everyday battle was being fought by many of us - a battle to save our skin.
When national mask mandates arrived, reports of ‘Maskne’ or Mask Acne flooded our timelines and News Feeds, whilst clinical studies confirmed the outcry as 59.6% of individuals wearing masks regularly experienced an acne outbreak.
Elsewhere, scientists found skin damage was prevalent within 97.0% of first-line health care workers. Such was the scale of the issue that one clinical survey reported that 18.1% of mask wearing participants reported skin breakdown within only 1-3 hours of mask use and 44% of participants saw skin breakdown after 3 hours or more of mask use.
Our ambition…. radically reinventing masks to protect your skin, and our planet.

The Vision

Our vision was to merge the world of luxury apparel with proven medical expertise to offer a mask product that feels truly premium whilst aiding Maskne sufferers.
Alongside the UK’s brightest clinical dermatological minds, we reverse-engineered our mask concept by merging ergonomic design and advanced textile technologies, then formulated our cutting edge mask-centric skincare products to eradicate each of these contributing factors of Maskne.
The result, the World’s first Maskcare collection built to target global mask standards. 

The Story

Ours is a family story that started somewhere amongst the home workouts, Zoom calls and global togetherness of 2020, and with skin positivity on the agenda, we started this quest to craft a beautiful, skin friendly mask.

After the last of the annual family debates fizzled out over Christmas dinner, you’d be forgiven in thinking that mixing family and business would present a cocktail of personal and ideological clashes that many would not want to entertain.. Unlike many, we have long since thought otherwise, and whilst previous endeavours include sporting startups, media publications, and award winning real estate developments, throughout the testing year of 2020, we found our inspiration for Flora after witnessing the physical and mental health tolls of poor skin caused by poor quality masks.

Our Sustainability

Did you know, globally over 130 billion disposable masks end up in landfill every month!
With environmental awareness at the core of Flora’s message, our products deliver on sustainability, bio-degradability and re-usability. #ChooseToReUse

And we are also a carbon positive business!

For every mask that YOU buy, proceeds fund Flora Mask’s global carbon initiatives and ensure that Flora retains our proud status as a Carbon Positive business.
Ecologi's transparent platform allows you to follow Flora's carbon initiatives around the world! 


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